Sunday, March 29


Clockwise from top left: pretty teatime; an oldie from J's Channakuh brunch, probably the last time we smiled, jkjk, seriously school is killer doe; organizing my delicate necklaces, I can't be the only one who enjoys untying the knots in chains; a little site plan for my new apartment (also those are quoted prices for other apartments, not mine, so I'm not disclosing anything weird here, hahah).

Oh my...the schoolbus keeps rolling toward finals...but Duke has made it to the top 8 in March Madness! That means some good spirit 'round these parts. Have I ever mentioned point-blank that I go to Duke? Well. There you go. I hear people hate Duke for whatever reasons. Cool. I swear though if I have to have one more small-talk conversation with someone who is a UNC or NC State fan, I will lose it..."Oh, you go to Duke? You better hop off the examination table, I'm a State fan!" HA HA SO FUNNY. No reason why a medical professional should joke about refusing care because of a vicarious sport association; or actually, it's fine, it's just not funny.

...SooOo...I am leaving my current apartment for a new one come August. With my wonderful roommate moving out, I'm averse to filling her spot, and to be honest, my complex has become a qualified zoo, with MTV Spring Break-esque undergrads running amok. I'm not there participating, obviously, but it's hard to avoid the filthy hallways, broken glass, and EDC replay music on a consistent basis. Also, it's a tough daily reminder of how pasty and old you are when you pass by a bunch of tanned, glowing undergrads working out and laying out (while you are, in fact, on your way to spend 9 hours in a cold, dark building).

That being said, I'm moving into my own studio! Mwahahah. Woo woo. I've already pinned a bunch of ikea furniture to buy (so millennial). I'm really excited. As much as I crave my girl time and such, I love having my own space to just chill out. The new complex has a spinning studio, so I'm set. Also the leasing agent tried to sell my friend and I on the "Crossfit Cage." All I know is it had a pull-down trampoline on it...and that's something we can get behind, or, er...jump on? Also, my boyfriend owes me for moving all of his stuff in a tornado warning last year...clothes don't weight that much anyway, right? Hah. But seriously he better get an alpaca or something. 'Cause it's all coming to live in my 10-ft closet. Gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Other than that? I'm just looking forward to the summer. Now if only I can find a sublet in the West Village again..!


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