Tuesday, April 7




...but before the win, things were crazy.
I came home after class in the evening, buzzed about watching the game later w/ my friends. Mondays are my longest class days, so the fact that I was still excited really means something. We're talking 8:25AM class to 6:35PM class here, folks.

I did some homework (emphasis on some), took a shower, ate some dinner.
Whined to my boyfriend that I had "so much work to do" and he prodded me to come out anyway.
Packed up my game snacks, casebook, etc.
Walked to my car. And my heart sank.
A friggin' FLAT TIRE.

So, I ended up watching the game alone on my couch.
Thank heavens for basic cable. And thankfully all my friends were either in Indianapolis for the game, or watching it together in Cameron (although a few outliers went to the ol' undergrad Saloon to watch), so I got to live vicariously through their snapchats.

It was a great game, and I am thoroughly enjoying going to a "sports school."

And as much as everyone thinks Duke students went HAM last night after the win...yes, they did. But my 8:25AM class still had most people in attendance. Work hard, ball hard, play hard.

Now about that flat tire.


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