Sunday, April 19


This is a photo of me holding a bag of hair! 10" of hair to be exact. Hair that used to be on my head, or, er, attached to my hair? Hair that kissed my own butt. Heh.

So let's go back to last Friday morning, when I woke up and knew I had to get rid of my super messy, totally split-ended, long as heck hair.
A local salon had a last-minute cancellation, so I walked in, told the hair stylist to get ready for a donation and give me a short, but not lob-y haircut, and here we are. No lob for this lady (my hair is naturally frizzy and wavy so I knew that would make my hair heavier, if that makes sense).

I got a layered, short haircut, just enough to leave 10" for donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. And it's perfect. I'd had the same hairstyle since 9th grade, so that's like, 10 YEARS of long, dark brown hair. This is so different! In full disclosure I had been cutting my own hair for the majority of that decade...and it wasn't pretty, hahah. In fact I hadn't stepped foot in a salon in almost 3 years before Friday.

Yeah...I see you shaking your head!

The real backstory is that in the past year my hair had really gotten to new levels of matted and tangly, and I got my first suit-wearing job, so I knew it was time. I always told myself I would grow my hair as long as possible, donate it, and chop it off, as soon as I needed to step it up to a more professional look.

I didn't think people would be offended by my haircut! But there are a few!

So here is how I feel.
I don't feel like I am giving up any personal expression or giving in to the patriarchy by cutting my hair.

Eyeroll from conservative friends like, "Did she just say patriarchy--about her hair?!" Hahah.

It doesn't make me a better law student, summer associate, or what have you, to have shorter hair.

The truth is that I have been told by many people, male and female, in the legal profession, that the long, messy hair is not okay for the office, unless I put it up in a bun every day (and that hurts my head, so, ouchies). So I took their advice. I hope that's cool with you.

Also, when I surprised my boyfriend with my new 'do, he told me I looked like I could be from Ally McBeal...thanks...I'd be flattered to look like a cool lawyer but maybe not from the '90s, man...hahah!


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