Tuesday, May 5


^^ This is over for now. Thank heavens! I've reached "summer" and home and it feels great but entirely surreal.

My friend Mallori aptly calls it "post-finals depression."
Where, for me, I am so drained from working long nights and early (for the most part hah) mornings that when finals are actually over I can barely process what life is like otherwise.
I want to revel in the "free time" but all I can think about is getting things together for whatever the next thing is. It's simultaneously an exhausted state of being.

Regardless, I came home and my dad already had a Yankees cap, jersey, and sweatshirt laid out for me. I think they were never worn hand-me-downs from my sister's first refusal only weeks ago, but this kind of thing still excites me nonetheless. Cool reminder of home. And who doesn't love presents!!!!!


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