Sunday, June 14


gemini by psimadethis

Yesterday I turned 25. They say, now you are closer to 50 than to your birth. Okay, cool...
I feel like that means your childhood, teenage, and adultolescent years should be behind you, and now you are looking down the barrel of adulthood. I mean, looking forward to adulthood.

I'm working for a firm this summer. It is, I will say, incredibly adult.
Not the XXX kind, but the new conservative wardrobe and flooding demands kind.

I really like it.
I feel over school.
I just want to work.

And at the same time, I want to see my friends. So many of them are going through big transitions, starting school, starting jobs, luckily no one getting married yet...hahah.

I definitely know I am on the precipice of feeling like I am headed toward a life of being single and overwhelmed by my career. I think that thought scared me before, but now, I kind of see how that could become comfortable, hahah.

I love living in Manhattan. So many of my friends want to move uptown, or out to Brooklyn, and I am certainly a homebody who wants to return to the suburbs someday, but more so I want to, right now, live downtown and have fun and be able to go downstairs and get the best food and then meet up with my friends around the corner somewhere lively to have club sodas (we are grandmas).

It used to be that I would come into the city with my friends on the weekends and troll around for what we thought were the coolest spots...sixteen, seventeen years old...we thought cool was going to Moby's tea shop and drinking pots of vanilla breakfast and hoping that he would stop by. Eyeroll. I mean, Moby, man...but tea? Sixteen?
Some people have told me I was mature at that age, but I definitely wasn't, I was just playing pretend...

It's great to see Manhattan from this angle now...I had this thought when I was sitting at my desk last week, it was a feeling of being grounded and having a real purpose for living here. In the city you must have something outside of your apartment to ground you, to make you stay, belong, etc.

So years ahead, I hope to get my little downtown nook and work my butt off and be happy.


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