Saturday, August 29


Block Island is my favorite place in the entire world. It's like, absolutely beautiful and a place I'm familiar with. I've been going with my family since I was six months old.

They've probably grown tired of going. I could never!
I am so fulfilled waking up early, eating oatmeal, going to the beach until right before sunset, grabbing dinner at sunset, reading a bit afterward, and then going to bed. Over and over again.

Seriously I could do that forever.

My dream has always been to own a house there.

I love the North Light. Above is a photo of me at the tip of the island, where the currents from the West and East meet.

It's gorgeous. Not somewhere you might swim, but somewhere you can pick rocks, walk to the lighthouse, and look out at the sailboats.

My nose got soooooo burnt this summer = lots of zinc on my nose.

Honestly New England is so dreamy, though.

I look so miffed in this photo! Ugh. But actually I'm thrilled. Hahahahahah.
Seriously. It's the beach at sunset. Right across from the old hotel we used to stay at for many years. I miss it a lot.

I often think about what it would be like to still go there and see everyone grow old. We stopped going when I was about 17. The hotel closed and then reopened years later, but the crew that went every year, our vacation family, all moved on, including us.


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