Saturday, August 29


Reflecting upon summer nights! Le sigh!

I hung out with a bunch of bloggers this summer and it really made me think about why I still have a blog. Then it makes me self conscious because 99.9% of people I'm friendly with have no idea that I have a blog. So should that make me stop blogging? Is it weird that I even involve myself in this blogging world?

Blogging is still a fun outlet for me to express myself and catalogue my experiences. Right now I am thinking about summer.
How it's kind of...over.

Ugh. There is always that first commercial, social media post, or magazine that tips you off to the impending season change.

I'm going into my last year of school EVER! Hopefully, hahah. I mean...I'm darn sure it is.

The summer was really nice. I loved working at a firm and living in New York City! My apartment was in Union Square, which was such a solid location.
So much good food in the East Village and Flatiron.
Favorites would be: Otto's Tacos, Barn Joo, Babu Ji, Joe's Pizza, Alla Onda...many others.

But now the sun is setting on summer, and I am back at school in North Carolina.
I've moved into my own apartment!
I love seeing my school friends and catching up with them.
But I am ready to let last summer go, and all the summers before it, actually, just so I could fast forward to next summer (preferably post-Bar exam) and have the rest of my life ahead of me.
I know some people would say don't rush, but I'm ready.
I want to go home and be home.


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