Friday, September 25


I love reading Into the Gloss.
One of my favorite Top Shelfs is Liv Tyler's.
To prep for events, she luxuriates by slowly getting ready, with a bath, steam, then the super primping.
The events she goes to are pretty epic.

Tonight I'll be going to my law school's Fall Cocktail event, hah. Not so grand. But it's fun to take the time to get ready and such, I guess. I've put six hours into painting my's an old Betsey Johnson I wore when I was the rainbow flowers on it are kind of not up to my speed these days. Dye-na-flow black paint, an old eyeshadow brush, the Scream Queens premiere and four episodes of The Knick brought it up to speed.

I've been cleaning up around my apartment, putting things in order, doing laundry, etc. My apartment is like the little treehouse I always wanted. It's snug and cushy and it needs a bit of work in the decor department but it's getting there!
Today was the first day of torrential rain since I've been in NC (awesome timing for tonight) and it makes everything even cozier! Which is dangerous, y'know.

I gave myself a blowout (shoddy), did my nails white and toenails grey (insta-inspired), and will use a Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial later (modified, hahah).
It's no bath and steam and essential oils and la mer but it'll do.

Gosh, I am riveting.

I am also watching A Walk to Remember right now...daymn.


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