Saturday, January 16


Wow. So like a huge dummy, I lost my gmail password and couldn't log into blogger for a few. Right onto life...

Christmas was awesome. I love Christmas.

My family had the usual Christmas Eve party, and the tree was big and beautiful. Let's not address the 70 degree weather that night. Grr. It's still the most wonderful time of the year. Sometimes I think Christmas has to be totally awesome in order for it to compete w/ the glory of summer.

I also went to J's Chanukah brunch, which was great. Bagels and pastries...can't do much better than that. Plus Ringo hugs. It's a hug because I'm hugging him, not because he wants to hug me. A unilateral moment of affection.

Other than holiday festivities, I had an extra long 2 and a 1/2 week winter break from school and I sat on my couch and watched TV for approximately 75% of it. It was amazing. Pretty much just Housewives all day. And lots of movies!

Does anyone else feel like their attention span is waning so they can only watch short TV shows or movies? I can't bring myself to start a series...or finish one (I'm sorry, Dr. Thackery).

And I ate WAY too many leftovers. I made five trays of baked ziti, two of which ended up as fridge mainstays. Then all the cookies...Italians love to bring cookies to holidays. Let's just say tea and cookies was a daily event.

Of course I still had to hit up the city one day w/ my Mommay. Thrifting and shopping and eating in Chelsea.

City Bakery for a snack of coffee, hot chocolate, baker's muffin, and TWO glorious pretzel croissants (eaten before photo opp.).
The pretzel croissants are a top ten food for me.
Crunchy, flaky outside w/ salty specks. Bready, gooey interior. Perfection. Mouth-watering. Like right now.

This was our day! My favorite thrift shops are highlighted with stars (along w/ City Bakery, hah). I got a gorgeous '30s-inspired Alice Temperley dress for $12 at Beacon's Closet.

Fast forward. I just got back to school a week ago and it's been...not fun.

Guess what: I still hate flying. But it's cool because I have ONE SEMESTER LEFT. Unreal! Just one. I never thought I'd be such a frequent flyer, but that's life.

My homegirl Naina and I took a photo in front of the law school to commemorate our "last first day of school." We've really been through it all together and it's been indispensable to my sanity.

What else...I still like blogging. I think it's really a diary for me. My favorite blogs were always the diary-like blogs w/o the monetization. DIY and fashion blogging has really become shopping blogging...sponsorships and PR opportunities. Careers. There are few blogs out there that keep the personal diary model alive and I cling to those dearly.

So now that I've said that, hahah. I just cleaned my apartment all day and am going out tonight with my homegirls.
It's warm in NC, like 57 degrees. Life.

This semester I'm taking some cool classes: Entertainment Law, a clinic, an ad hoc seminar on Organized Crime. I'm excited! Crazy to think law school will be over soon.
I have been SO indecisive about classes. I keep freaking out that it's my last chance to choose!
What if I never took the "right classes?" It's cool because the deadline is this week and decisions will be made.

This semester will hopefully include more traveling...I vote for by car but my friends don't agree, hahah. Looking forward to adventures nonetheless.


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