Tuesday, April 5


My first and last Spring Break. Tear tear. Naturally, my friends and I chose Puerto Rico. I couldn't imagine sharing a resort w/ some real co-eds in Punta Cana, so I thought this was a good compromise on price and atmosphere! It's not that I didn't think Punta Cana, or say, Cancun, would be boring, it's more of the fact that the incredibly toned and spritely undergrads wouldn't want lame me around to spoil their fun!

We stayed on Condado Beach, which was a great location. We could go to the beach and explore the Old City a short cab ride away. Old San Juan was so darn pretty, the building colors were just gorgeous.

My friend Naina and I did some light shopping ;) Mostly just to take a peek at the streets. I swear.

How cute are these headbands I found? Definitely considered buying one but of course these were not made for adults!

I think this is a panflute of some sort? Definitely reminded me of a Zelda: Windwaker item.

The nightlife was low key, which was nice for this first-time but old Spring Breaker, hah.

Condado Beach was really nice! I know it's not the most luxurious Caribbean beach, but I don't care. Give me sun and sand and I'm good! And if <-- that is not the cheesiest, most plaque-able pinterest statement ever, I don't know what is. Told you I'm getting old.

Even at dusk I was all *starry eyes* beach.

Couldn't make a post w/o acknowledging J's perfect photo op.

Just as an aside: I'm part Puerto Rican, so it is naturally my absolute favorite food ever. And I'm not a snob about it. My favorite food is a 1/4 roast chicken w/ 2-side plate (maduros and rice) from a place near my hometown. It's a lunch special served on a styrofoam plate that costs $5.95. I don't need a fancy setting or presentation to love the food.

Here's the thing, though. The food in San Juan was by and large, pretty mediocre.

Mediocre Puerto Rican food, what! No such thing, I thought.
Worst part is, I checked Yelp for most of my food recommendations.

I consistently chose places w/ 4 to 5-star ratings. And guess what? They were mediocre to just simply bad.

So if you're in San Juan, be very aware that Yelp can overwhelmingly be false, inaccurate, and likely rigged there. I've never encountered this level of falsity before w/ Yelp. It's probably not Yelp's fault, since there are businesses that people can pay to write good/bad reviews.

It's awful. The two places we had really, really good meals were Cocina Albierta and Bar Gitano, which are not classic Puerto Rican restaurants. Really good just not particularly local cuisine.

Okay that's it. Puerto Rico was gorgeous and we did the BioBay tour, too!


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